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Garden Maintenance

We are providing unmatched gardening services.
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We complete landscape garden solution for all The clients.
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Planting & Removal

We are providing planting and removal services.
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Green Wall

We are providing green wall installation services.
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About Us

Sri Mahalaxmi Nursery

Sri Mahalaxmi Nursery is the best nursery where you can get your desired variety of plants whether it is for indoor or outdoor space. Our nursery is the place where every plant is grown with abundant love and care,with more than 50+ employees on the site. Our team understands your requirements, space and help you accordingly. We give attention to process, plan, and production where each minute thing like soil, fertilizer, and moisture are taken under consideration and undergo with time-to-time quality checks depending upon seasons and climatic conditions. We are passionate about plants and there benefits that they bring to us and the environment. Each plant has unique quality & benefits such as some produce abundant oxygen and help in reducing pollution. They even have a lot of medical benefits for our good health and also maintain a good environment with fresh air.

  • Garden Maintenance
  • Paths, Patios and Driveways
  • Trained and qualified staff
  • Individual selection of plants
  • Jet Washing
  • Ground Levelling
  • Winter Services
  • Excellent design

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What kinds of services we always offer to customers


Sri Mahalaxmi Nursery has been at the forefront of gardening and landscaping in Hyderabad for over 7 years. Our skilled landscape architects are ready to work with you to achieve the landscape design, maintenance, and construction results you desire. Our expertise spans a wide range of fields. Every project is one-of-a-kind to us, and it deserves our time and attention. We can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind landscape designed specifically for YOU and YOUR needs. Our goal is to continually adapt and develop new landscape architecture and design techniques in order to meet your ever-changing requirements. We've learned to observe and learn from our surroundings through experience and training. We work to maintain the highest standards of land stewardship at the heart of it all. Our team is made up of a diverse group of innovators and educators who can provide you with a large number of garden-related ideas.

  • Leadership & Governance
  • Investor Information
  • Vision & Technology

Green Wall

Green walls or Interior living walls have been around since 1994 and are becoming increasingly popular. We have a lot of fun designing them to meet the needs of our clients! We recently installed a living wall that has a very organic feel to it. To give the wall a textured and earthy feel, we used beautiful pops of yellow and many different shades of green. It can be difficult to choose the right plants for living walls because you must consider the plants' light and water requirements. Green walls are not only a beautiful statement piece and a great way to bring in greenery when you have limited floor space, but they also benefit both the building and the tenants.

  • Reduces smog and heat effect.
  • It serves as a sound barrier.
  • Increases biodiversity by providing habitat for birds and beneficial insects.
  • Increases the value of the real estate.
  • Foot traffic in retail spaces is increased.
  • Reduces stress in the workplace and boosts employee morale.

Stone&Hard Scaping

The beginning of a great looking yard, regardless of the backyard or front yard, starts with beautiful stone and hardscaping! We build retaining walls, patios, outdoor fireplaces, and walkways. Using only the highest quality materials available and our best workmanship, we will build something that is guaranteed to last. We will work closely with you to ensure that we clearly understand your goals and objectives.

Key Benefits of the Service

  • Extend your home with a beautiful patio or fire pit
  • Your property value increases many times the initial value
  • Add character to your landscape
  • Divide your space into manageable sections

Garden Maintenance

Our goal at Sri Mahalaxmi Nursery is to develop a garden maintenance program that is tailored to your specific needs, desires, and budget. When it comes to landscape maintenance, we don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach. Because each property and homeowner is unique, we strive to provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing your yard is being properly cared for. In the end, it's all about giving you more time to spend in your yard rather than working on it.

We have the knowledge and experience to provide Gardening Maintenance Services. Our experienced gardeners, who work under the supervision of our horticulturists, have extensive knowledge in the field of horticulture and ensure that watering, weeding, and mowing are done on a regular basis. Aside from that, we plant seasonal varieties and maintain the campus nursery.

Sri Mahalaxmi Nursery specializes in providing unmatched Garden Maintenance Services to its valued clients. We have a team of highly experienced horticulturists who can offer the best and most viable Flower Garden Maintenance suggestions. We offer advice on scientific gardening methods as well as cost-effective solutions. Furthermore, we take great care to keep the clients' point of view in mind while providing our services. Furthermore, we are regarded as the most dependable source of Lawn and Garden

Planting & Removal

We understand that planting and removal services for your property is a big investment and we want our customers to know that we are there for them to help them accomplish the dreams that they may have for their property. From new construction landscaping to existing landscapes that need regular maintenance or a facelift, our professional staff helps you.


Strong attention to detail makes us more effective, increases productivity, and reduces the likelihood of error. We build strong checks and balances into all our efforts so you can forget all the work and still have a beautiful, healthy property. We strive to provide the very best planting and removal services in the Minneapolis St Paul - Twin Cities area!

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      Thank you very much preparing the right planting areas with much space arranged for further growth. Every person has really done a great job with caring hands. Flowers have started budding and we are much curious to know its full growth. There are many varieties grown at our garden section. They have provided the best information to preserve these plants even.

      • – Mr. Pramod Raj
    • Client Image

      We had purchased Maple tree saplings about two weeks ago. The leaves are coming out and the tree is growing amazingly. The two persons, who planted the saplings with appropriate arrangement to grow vastly is really an appreciable work. We will definitely visit your place to purchase many more varieties of plants. And also, we surely refer to others even.

      • – Mr. Rajesh
    • Client Image

      Plants and saplings are reasonably priced. We always feel great to visit your location to purchase more variety of plants in future. Plants, which purchased from you earlier, are growing with rich greenness. Every person worked hard and improved our garden area. Thanks everyone in the team.

      • – Mrs. Shakunthala
    • Client Image

      We have stopped by your nursery to get the glimpse of various plants and are actually amazed by it. We have purchased many plants from you and it has become our favorite possession. Indoor plants, which are purchased looks elegant even. Our visit became worthwhile with regard to time and money.

      • – Mr. Venugopal